Our Team

Alex Rudkevich

Alex Rudkevich

President and CEO

As NEG’s President and CEO, Dr. Rudkevich is instrumental in forming the strategic vision for the Company’s products and services and is responsible for making key business decisions. He has decades of experience in applying energy economics, modeling, and optimization to complex studies of energy systems and markets.


Dr. John Goldis

John Goldis

CTO, Partner

As NEG’s CTO, Dr. Goldis oversees the technological direction of the company in alignment with its business goals and is responsible for developing technical roadmaps and directing project execution. He has over a decade experience working in energy market consulting, optimization and software development


Rafael Castro, COO, VP Analytic, Partner

Rafael Castro

COO, VP Analytic, Partner

As a company COO, Dr. Castro is responsible for all the company operational decisions. As a VP Analytics, he oversees the development, delivery and support all data and analytics services. His areas of expertise include energy systems modeling, optimization and support of market modeling systems of major ISOs and RTOs in the United States.



Brent Henrickson

Business Development and Sales Leader

Mr. Hendrickson oversees company’s business development and sales activities. He has decades of experience in business development, and sales of energy modeling systems and data products worldwide,



Vadym Kovalenko

Vadym Kovalenko is responsible for managing the team of developers advancing and supporting ENELYTIX SaaS cloud-based technology. He has over ten years of experience in software development with a strong emphasis on cloud technologies and high-performance computing.


Ian Schomer

Data Team Lead

As NEG’s Data Team Lead, Ian is responsible for the quality and timely delivery of data model updates for the United States and Europe. Since joining NEG, He was a key developer of the processes and software infrastructure behind Enelytix ENELYTIX Weather. He has academic and research experience in power systems, energy markets, and pythonic programming.


Selin Yanikara, Energy Research Analyst

Selin Yanikara

Energy Research Analyst

Dr. Yanikara is an Energy Research Analyst at NEG. She works directly with the developers of the Power System Optimizer (PSO), the main simulation and optimization engine component of NEG’s ENELYTIX SaaS. She actively contributes to the development, testing, advanced applications, and client support of PSO and of ENELYTIX in general. With a background in operations research and engineering, Dr. Yanikara has over 5 years of academic and industry experience in the study of wholesale energy markets and distribution networks.