Expertise Overview

Over the last two decades, interconnected power systems, an engineering marvel of the twentieth century, are undergoing a major reform worldwide. The industry is changing both technologically and economically. Reformative technological changes include development of new end use and demand control technologies, advancement of smart grid solution, incorporation of large capacities of variable generation resources, based on wind, solar, and other renewable technologies, penetration of new transmission technologies and devices, and other innovations dramatically increasing the engineering complexity of the system.

Economic reforms manifest themselves in the development of deregulated power markets, involving numerous independent sellers, traders, marketers and buyers of electric energy with transactions taking place via forward day-ahead markets and in real-time (e.g., in five-minute intervals) and simultaneously at tens of thousands of locations.

Newton Energy Group offers expert economic, regulatory policy, modeling and analytic services helping clients to address critical issues with a primary focus on the economics and operations of electricity markets.